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About Maplewell

Why We Exist

Building Distributed Energy Future

As a group of utility professionals, we recognized today’s world of centralized energy will be replaced with distributed technology at the source of the demand.  Since renewable energy and distributed technology has matured, energy can be generated onsite, eliminating the need for transmission and central generation.  Lower costs and improved technology have given facility owners control in how energy is produced and who produces it.  Businesses, facilities, and governments can control their energy supply to support sustainability, reliability, and resiliency goals.  Maplewell set out to solve this need and deliver microgrid solutions with renewable energy, energy efficiency, and energy management.  With Energy as a Service, we bring our utility scale expertise to develop and deliver business driven energy solutions.

How to get to 100% Carbon Free

Maplewell is built around the idea that DER projects can be economically feasible, create revenue for the project host, and build towards a carbon free future.  We believe DERs will be the biggest accelerator to a carbon free future. Our services and products are devoted to scaling and developing DER solutions tailored to individual organizations.  As a private energy firm, we’re helping municipalities, water districts, electric associations, military, industrial & manufacturing, and commercial buildings discover and cultivate their DER resources from concept through construction. 

What We Deliver

Engineering and independence is our core identify. We deliver true system integration with vendor independence.  Our team knows your systems and implements solutions that minimize project costs, schedule risk, and lifecycle costs.

To shield financial risk, we built an experienced team and network of partners to lead Development.  Our capability offers flexibility in project delivery to remove capital barriers from DER projects.

With our Energy as a Service product, we shield performance and technical risk in operation of DER projects.  Our Energy Management System maximizes asset revenue, performance, and availability.  

Your Resource and Improvement is Investable

Independence, Efficiency, and Value

Concerned your resource or project is too small to develop?  Payback too long? 

Our Energy as a Service (EaaS) model shares the independence of an ESCO, the efficiency of a renewable energy developer, and value of a system integrator.  With a technology-neutral approach, our professional engineers leverage a combination of technology to create an on-site renewable energy supply, reduce demand with energy efficiency, and control balance with energy management.  As a single point of accountability, we develop and deliver projects while shielding financial and technical risk.  By leveraging several financial mechanisms: ESPC, PPA, Leaseback, or Owner Financing, we structure financing to align with your operational needs.  Projects can be funded with upfront capital or with future savings and revenue.

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Our Team

Matt Irvin, P.E.
Project Development, Principal Engineer & Founder

Prior to starting Maplewell, Mr. Irvin has worked in the energy business for A&E, OEM, and consulting firms.  He provided energy and engineering services to EPC’s, energy developers, utilities, municipal, and industrial clients.  He's worked on projects throughout the US and internationally on all types of DER technology including thermal, gas turbines, biomass, PV, floating solar, wind, and hydro.  His engineering experience includes design, owner engineering, feasibility studies, renewable development, capital planning, bid evaluation, construction specification, economic studies, and market analysis.

Joe Jancauskas, PE, PMP
Project Delivery, Principal Engineer

Mr. Jancauskas is an electrical engineer with over 30 years of experience in engineering, project and construction management in power projects.  His experience includes working for solar power EPC, Investor Owned Utilities, US Government Power Services Contractor, Architect/Engineers, and the US Rural Electrification Administration.  He has experience with several power technologies including military diesel microgrids, nuclear, gas turbines, solar PV, thermal, and hydro.  He electrical engineering experience includes substations, T&D, and industrial.  Mr. Jancauskas is a leader in the industry and has 20+ Technical Publications.

Ryan May
Measurement & Verification, Senior Analyst

Ryan's background is in Electrical Engineering focused on Power Electronics. This combined with 3 years of experience as a Data Analyst and Asset Prices Modeler work synergistically to interpret the relevant data and optimize energy resource planning. 

Ryan has a strong interest in sustainable energy technologies and optimal planning and design which motivated his joining Maplewell. He is passionate about discovering solutions that help transition the energy market from its current state to a more reliable, sustainable, and economical future.

Christian Overbey, AIA
Consulting Architect

Mr. Overbey is our consulting architect responsible for the business management of projects from the preliminary initiation and planning stage through design, construction, commissioning, building occupancy, and closeout stages.   Christian manages the programming, planning, scoping, estimating, preparing specifications, organizing, controlling, coordinating, reviewing, monitoring, verification and approving design, construction, and related work.

Mr. Overbey monitors project reviews, readjusted funds, schedules, and work for completing project, responsible for keeping project on budget and on schedule. Resolved complex problems or conflicts impeding progress, assuring that contractor and design staffs worked effectively toward timely completion of projects. Balanced revenue, expenses, and customer satisfaction.

Steve Votta, PMP
Consulting Project Manager

Mr. Votta is an experienced project director with a demonstrated history of working in the renewables and environment industry.  He has worked at industry leading companies delivering gas and steam turbine projects to customers.  His positions as field service engineer, account manager, and turbine generation services director have given him a full understanding of operation, troubleshooting, and design of turbines.

Mr. Votta has an excellent understanding of the technical, business, and project aspects of gas, steam, and water turbines.  His hands-on experience has made him a valued team member able to present project plans, technical roadmaps, and recommendations to senior business leaders and clients alike.  He has a long track record of ensuring customer satisfaction with projects. 

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Maplewell is about discovering and cultivating opportunities for clean energy development.  We bring the relationships, technology, expertise, and funding to solve the need for clean energy.

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