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Energy Efficiency




Reduce energy & water consumption with efficiency.

Without the upfront cost of equipment, reduce operating costs and carbon footprint by upgrading systems through Energy as a Service.


Generate Revenue

Open new revenue streams with an energy asset using your existing infrastructure.


Operational Resiliency

Utilize your energy asset to create resiliency and reduce risk to operations.


Achieve Sustainability

Meet sustainability goals without the added cost of Renewable Energy Credit purchases.

Thermal Resources




Combining heat and power with cogeneration is an efficient way to provide heating and energy supply to site.  Green house gas emissions and fuel costs are lowered with cogeneration. 



Waste Heat

Heat utilized in industrial and manufacturing remains the largest end-use energy consumer.  By capturing this heat, waste can be converted to low grade power cycle or captured with thermal energy storage.



Process Optimization

Many processes can improve efficiency since operation has changed from design conditions.  By capturing long term value of energy savings, system optimizations are feasible with future savings.  


Don’t lose chance to improve social image.  Energy efficiency improves facilities and demonstrates sustainability

System Upgrades



System Automation

Many process systems and manufacturing lack automation.  This create waste and impacts efficiency.  Adding automation can create simple and effective energy savings while lowering manufacturing costs.



Water Conservancy

While water conservancy projects have a long term return, combining them with an energy efficiency project or adding system wide automation can be effective to reduce water consumption.



Heating, Cooling, and Ventilation

Major and minor HVAC upgrades remain an effective measure and the most prevalent project a facility can invest in.


Concept to Construction - Energy as a Service

Site Assessment

An audit of site assets are conducted along with infrastructure  review  and constructibility of site.  Resources accessible to site are assessed.

Energy Review

Strategy around operation needs is defined.  With our in house tools, we establish benchmark of energy consumption and demand profile of the site.   

Techo-Economic  Analysis 

Indicative costs, tariffs, market conditions, forecasting, and feasibility are factored for prioritizing projects and determine project financial metrics.


We lead project finance, due diligence, permitting, energy agreements, and interconnect.  By planning project capital, we shield financial risk from the site host in development.


Professional engineers conduct the project design and create a measurement and verification plan for improvement.  We shield technical and performance risk of the project.


Through our contractor network, we match the beset experience with a project. Maplewell leads contract management and construction management to ensure delivery of project.

System Integration

A new physical asset is integrating into your infras and existing operation.  We develop the control system and software to conduct the system integration.

Measurement and Verification

 To guarantee performance of project, we create a M&V plan to monitor asset performance and manage asset to ensure availability. 

Let's Discuss Your Infrastructure

We'll conduct a pre-assessment

Step1_1Needs and Infrastructure
             We get aligned with your individual needs. 

Step2 Pre-Assessment
             We explore your energy supply and possible solutions at no cost to you.

Step3 Proposal
             We propose a set of solutions right for you.

Step4 Development and Delivery
            We carry financial and technical risk until energy savings are realized.

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Your Resource and Improvement is Investable

Independence, Efficiency, and Value

Concerned your resource or project is too small to develop?  Payback too long?  Our Energy as a Service (EaaS) model shares the independence of an ESCO, the efficiency of a renewable energy developer, and value of a system integrator.  With a technology-neutral approach, our professional engineers leverage a combination of technology to create an on-site renewable energy supply, reduce demand with energy efficiency, and control balance with energy management.  As a single point of accountability, we develop and deliver projects while shielding financial and technical risk.  By leveraging several financial mechanisms: ESPC, PPA, Leaseback, or Owner Financing, we structure financing to align with your operational needs.  Projects can be funded with upfront capital or with future savings and revenue.

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