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Energy Management System

Meet JANiiT 

A demand-side, energy management system to unlock demand flexibility with the latest advances in AI, predictive control, optimization, and IoT devices to manage flexible loads and distributed energy resources (DERs).

The JANiiT_Color Platform


Control at the Edge

Resilient, predictive control at the grid edge working behind the meter.


Supervise in the Cloud

Monitor and track energy savings in the cloud.  Track performance of portfolio.


Scale on IoT Hardware

Installation in days. Hardware built to integrate in your systems.

Trusted By Enterprise Customers

Optimization for Building Systems

Software Enabled by Hardware

User Interface

  • Configure predictive control based on operational needs with event driven interface
  • Plan load day-ahead based on microclimate & historical demand to maximize resilience
  • Program demand flexibility in existing infrastructure to benefit from demand response

Predictive Control

  • Further leverage DERs and flexible loads with predictive control to shave peak, improve energy consumption, and improve resilience.
  • Supervise and coordinate DERs to maximize reliability and run mission critical systems
  • Prepare for growth of electrification in buildings, industrial processes, and transportation


  • Maintain availability of platform with monitoring diagnostics and services running at the edge
  • Edge maintenance dashboard displays hardware diagnostics and alerts faults
  • Maximize uptime on hardware controllers to meet mission critical system requirements


  • Supervise all energy conservation measures (ECMs) to complement each other and maximize ROI.
  • Forecasting demand and DERs available onsite.
  • State learning identifies load flexibility and optimizes supply and demand in real time to reduce peak demand.


Built on Modern Architecture

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