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How Our Program Works

Finance Improvements with Future Energy Savings



Baseline Current Costs

Assess Facility's energy costs, systems and operational needs.


Potential for Improvement

Identify potential for energy improvements that support operational needs.


Savings to Facility

Finance improvements in future energy savings and pass savings benefit to facility.

Steps of Energy Management Program

Step 1. Evaluation

Establish a baseline of energy usage and determine the room for improvement.  Based on the condition of facility and systems, improvement projects are evaluated and prioritized based on savings and operational needs.

Step 2. Development 

Propose the energy savings measures and projects.  Maplewell completes the preconstruction activities needed to implement the projects and build the investment case for financing the project.  

Step 3. Delivery 

Identify the best project delivery model for the project or energy savings measure.  Project financing and performance risk determines the appropriate delivery model.  Project is constructed and delivered based on the preferred delivery model.  

Step 4. Operation

Integrate the energy saving projects to complement each other and maximize return on investment. Savings are measured and verified to demonstrate improvement and monitor performance of project.  

Your Resource and Improvement is Investable

Independence, Efficiency, and Value

Concerned your resource or project is too small to develop?  Payback too long?  Our Energy as a Service (EaaS) model shares the independence of an ESCO, the efficiency of a renewable energy developer, and value of a system integrator.  With a technology-neutral approach, our professional engineers leverage a combination of technology to create an on-site renewable energy supply, reduce demand with energy efficiency, and control balance with energy management.  As a single point of accountability, we develop and deliver projects while shielding financial and technical risk.  By leveraging several financial mechanisms: ESPC, PPA, Leaseback, or Owner Financing, we structure financing to align with your operational needs.  Projects can be funded with upfront capital or with future savings and revenue.

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Maplewell will review your facility's utility bills, systems, load list, mechanical equipment, and operational needs to determine feasibility of energy savings measures.

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