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Renewable Energy

Integrate on-site renewable energy into your infrastructure to generate revenue.

With Energy as a Service, Maplewell develops your renewable resource and shields technical & financial risk. 


Generate Revenue

Open new revenue streams with an energy asset using your existing infrastructure.


Operational Resiliency

Utilize your energy asset to create resiliency and reduce risk to operations.


Achieve Sustainability

Meet sustainability goals without the added cost of Renewable Energy Credit purchases.

Renewable Resources




With the improved efficiency, low leveled cost of energy, and projected growth of the technology, solar is an onsite resource that can offset annual energy consumption and generate energy savings.




Waste products contain such as food waste contain energy and can be converted into distributed generation.  Biomass is a dispatchable technology that can be used to match onsite demand.



Small Hydro

Small and micro hydro remains a feasible and largely undeveloped resource for sites with access.  Hydro is the most efficient of renewable energy technology and has dispatch ability to match demand.


Avoid cost of transmission and meet demand with on-site generation.

Energy Storage




With the mass production of cell phones, battery technology has evolved and come down in cost.  Using a Battery Energy Storage System (BESS) with renewable generation can be used to manage peak demand.




For sites that have large thermal loads, using thermal storage is an efficient storage method.  Utilizing an electric boiler or heater, a renewable energy system can be used to support thermal loads when electric demand is minimal.




Hydrogen is a fitting technology for sites requiring more than eight hours of storage to support critical loads.  Hydrogen can be sourced from an electrolyzer or separating from waste methane gas. 


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             We get aligned with your objectives. 

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             We explore your resources, systems, and infrastructure.

Step3 Proposed Performance
             We propose integration of our technology to your operation.

Step4 Energy as a Service
            We offer demand flexibility through Energy as a Service.

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Your Resource and Improvement is Investable

Independence, Efficiency, and Value

Concerned your resource or project is too small to develop?  Payback too long?  Our Energy as a Service (EaaS) model shares the independence of an ESCO, the efficiency of an energy developer, and value of a system integrator.  With a technology-neutral approach, our energy team leverages AI, digital twins, and system optimization to reduce demand with grid interactive controls.  As a single point of accountability, we develop and deliver projects while shielding financial and technical risk.  By leveraging a tested financial mechanisms: ESPC and Energy Savings Agreement, we structure financing to align with your operational needs.  Projects are funded with solution performance without upfront capital.

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