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About Maplewell

Why We Exist

To Build Energy Demand Flexibility

As the power grid moves toward decentralized energy with adoption of Distributed Energy Resources, demand flexibility will be key for this transition. Maplewell is modernizing energy demand management within the commercial, industrial, and defense sectors to bring flexiwatt capacity to our customers.

Join Our Team

We are looking to add energy engineers, control engineers, scientists, analysts, data engineers, product owners, devops engineers, and full stack developers to join our team. If that sounds like you, check out our careers page.

Our Team

Matt Irvin, P.E.
Chief Executive Officer & Co-Founder

Prior to starting Maplewell, Mr. Irvin has worked in the energy business for A&E, OEM, and consulting firms.  He provided energy and engineering services to EPC’s, energy developers, utilities, municipal, and industrial clients.  He's worked on projects throughout the US and internationally on all types of DER technology including thermal, gas turbines, biomass, PV, floating solar, wind, and hydro.  His engineering experience includes design, owner engineering, feasibility studies, renewable development, capital planning, bid evaluation, construction specification, economic studies, and market analysis.


Karin Irvin
Co-Founder, Corporate Officer

Karin is the Co-Founder of Maplewell Inc. Prior to co-founding Maplewell with her husband Matthew, she worked in the field of education. Working with a variety of diverse students has shaped how she views the world and approaches solutions to complex problems. Her educational background brings a unique perspective in a world of engineers. Karin is also a proud Colorado native who wants help care for her home state. She believes that energy resiliency and conservation are key to sustainability for our world today and the world our children will inherit tomorrow. On a daily basis, her role involves administrative and HR tasks, helping Maplewell run efficiently. She also serves as a corporate officer and on the Board of Directors.


Jeremiah Smith
Chief Operating Officer

Mr. Smith a veteran of the US Navy and Nuclear Propulsion Program. He leads as Chief Operating Officer and has a technical background with applications primarily focused in energy and power production. Mr. Smith brings experience leading energy operations, facility operations, and an electrical subcontracting firm.   His focus is driving Maplewell's process efficiency and innovation to exceed performance benchmarks.  Mr. Smith's is driven to help customers with critical Infrastructure build energy resilience and decarbonize the electrical grid.  Jeremiah brings a down-to-earth feel to help motivate and lead towards mission accomplishment. He thrives In high-paced and difficult scenarios to lead Maplewell's team to exceed our client's expectations.


Dr. Emiliano Dall’Anese
Chief Technology Officer

Dr. Dall'Anese is Maplewell's Chief Technology Officer.  He previously was principal investigator on an ARPA-e Nodes program at NREL.  His expertise is Optimization Theory, Control, and Signal Processing. A main objective of his research is to advance theory, algorithms, and analysis for decision systems and information processing. Particular focus is on the development of optimization, control, and learning methods for network systems and cyber-physical systems governed by complex physical, behavioral, and computational interdependencies. Current application domains include power systems, transportation systems, and machine learning.



Jason Hedding
Head of Product
Tavin DIlle
Program Manager, Solutions
Dr. Justin White
Data Scientist, Technical Advisor
Mike Stocking
Product Owner
Ana Opsina
Energy Scientist Intern
Mike Odell
Lead Software and Infrastructure Engineer
Anthony Vitale
Software Engineer
Kyle Knutson
Senior Software Architect and Agile Delivery Manager
Ray Gomez
Software Developer
Pete Gotseff
Simulation Engineer
Tiffany Checca
Defense Director, Solutions
David Biagioni
Sr. Staff Research Engineer
Brett Siclair
Senior Product Manager