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Transform Energy Costs into Energy Savings.

Maplewell is a systems integrator with a technology neutral approach that develops on-site energy solutions to create savings, add operational resiliency, and achieve sustainability goals.

Take control of your energy bill and demand charges.



Generate Savings

Open new revenue streams with an energy asset using your existing infrastructure.


Operational Resiliency

Utilize your energy asset to create resiliency and reduce risk to operations.


Achieve Sustainability

Meet sustainability goals without the added cost of Renewable Energy Credit purchases.

Energy has changed — a transition is taking place. Energy is becoming decentralized and your organization can benefit.

Maplewell is committed to helping you fully adopt this transition and design tailored programs to meet your charter and vision.  As a team of professional engineers and energy experts, we maintain independence from any technology.  Maplewell works on behalf of its customers, project hosts, and resource owners to deliver projects that meet their long-term goals, policy, and vision.

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A Solution Built on Your Needs


Energy Management

With management and planning, energy balance is used to maximize revenue from energy supply and minimize impact from energy demand.  Electrification, EVs, and demand response promote balance.  

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Energy Efficiency

By lowering energy demand through energy efficiency projects, distributed energy can better meet site demand and uses, while demonstrating reduction in energy consumption and improving sustainability.

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Renewable Energy

We develop energy supply from renewable energy resources accessible to the site. By delivering on-site distributed generation, energy can be consumed at the demand source &  avoid the cost of transmission.

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Capability Built Around Your Project


Energy Engineering

Our team conducts an exhaustive analysis and techno-economic study of your systems and energy use.  We shield performance and technical risk through insight in energy markets, energy simulation and forecasting.


System Integration 

From feasibility studies to startup, our systems engineering and control system integration bring full turnkey capability to meet your operational and infrastructure needs in development, construction, commissioning, and operations.

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Project Development  

As a performance contractor, we develop an ESPC project from concept to commissioning and shield financial risk through site assessment, energy review, financing, permitting, engineering, construction, and operation.


Let's Discuss Your Infrastructure

We'll conduct a pre-assessment

Step1_1Needs and Infrastructure
             We get aligned with your individual needs. 

Step2 Pre-Assessment
             We explore your energy supply and possible solutions at no cost to you.

Step3 Proposal
             We propose a set of solutions right for you.

Step4 Development and Delivery
            We carry financial and technical risk until energy savings are realized.

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Your Resource and Improvement is Investable

Independence, Efficiency, and Value

Concerned your resource or project is too small to develop?  Payback too long?  Our Energy as a Service (EaaS) model shares the independence of an ESCO, the efficiency of a renewable energy developer, and value of a system integrator.  With a technology-neutral approach, our professional engineers leverage a combination of technology to create an on-site renewable energy supply, reduce demand with energy efficiency, and control balance with energy management.  As a single point of accountability, we develop and deliver projects while shielding financial and technical risk.  By leveraging several financial mechanisms: ESPC, PPA, Leaseback, or Owner Financing, we structure financing to align with your operational needs.  Projects can be funded with upfront capital or with future savings and revenue.

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