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Modernizing Energy Demand 

Maplewell™ unlocks demand flexibility at the grid edge with a predictive Energy Management System for commercial and industrial enterprises.

100% autonomous. Real-time demand charge management for commercial and industrial sector.

Peak Demand Shaving2

Peak Demand

Level peak demand by 50% with predictive control of Distributed Energy Resources and demand.

Utility Savings2

Energy Savings

Save 40% on utility bills with reduction in energy usage and demand charges.

carbon savings


Reduce GHG emissions by 40% with optimization of demand carbon intensity.

energy resilience2


Avoid operational disruptions with system demand monitoring & predictive maintenance. 

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Unlock Demand Flexibility

Quick deployment, immediate value & cost effective for your electrification & ESG strategy.

Capital intensive energy efficiency, renewable energy, and EV fast charging projects are not always the immediate answer.  Maplewell's JANiiT™ EMS reduces demand charges with predictive control of flexible loads and has shown to provide ROI in as little as 1 year with up to 40% reduction in carbon intensity

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Maplewell has been accepted into these prestigious programs that help technological startups innovate and scale.

                                             Intel Liftoff                 NVIDIA Inception program


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