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Modernizing Energy Demand 

Maplewell is modernizing energy demand management for commercial and industrial enterprises. Through an energy management system (EMS), Maplewell is leading the way in demand flexibility with the latest advances in AI, predictive control, optimization, and IoT devices to drive energy resiliency, reliability, and efficiency.

Modernize Energy Usage to Maximize Mission Readiness




Utilize your energy asset to create resiliency and reduce risk to operations.




Open new revenue streams with an energy asset using your existing infrastructure




Meet sustainability goals without the added cost of Renewable Energy Credit purchases.

An energy transition is taking place. Leverage our technology to improve mission readiness.

We understand energy costs pull resources from your core mission.  Our AI, predictive platform improves resource utilization and modernizes mission critical infrastructure without requiring additional energy assets.

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Industry Solutions



 Electrification continues to be a powerful and growing trend.  Critical defense solutions and modernization efforts are being built on electricity, meta data, artificial intelligence, and automation.


With management and planning, energy balance is used to maximize revenue from energy supply and minimize impact from energy demand.  Electrification, EVs, and demand response promote balance. 


By lowering energy demand through energy efficiency projects, distributed energy resources can better meet process demand, while demonstrating reduction in energy consumption.


With innovation in system optimization, digital twins, AI, and energy management, we can benefit your program. Maplewell operates a secure facility,  is NIST SP 800-171 compliant, and holds  HUBZone status. 

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